Meraki AP NAS ID

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Meraki AP NAS ID

Can anyone help me how  to configure the following radius attributes on Meraki AP SSID dashboard ? or any clue how to configure it on meraki AP.


        - Call Station ID

        - NAS-Id (NAS Identifier)


both are Windows NPS access accept attributes

Kind of a big deal

These attributes are being sent by default, there's nothing to configure. Please see


"Supported RADIUS Attributes

When a sign-on Splash Page is configured with RADIUS server, authentication is performed using PAP. The following attributes are present in the Access-Request messages sent from Dashboard to the RADIUS server.


Note: Please refer to RFC 2865 for details on these attributes, additional notes for certain attributes are included below.

  • User-Name 
  • User-Password
  • Called-Station-ID: Contains (1) the MAC address of the Meraki access point (all caps, octets separated by hyphens) and (2) the SSID on which the wireless device is connecting. These 2 fields are separated by a colon.  Example: "AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF:SSID_NAME".
  • Calling-Station-ID: Contains the MAC address of the wireless device (all caps, octets separated by hyphens).  Example: "AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF".
  • Acct-Session-ID
  • Framed-IP-Address
  • NAS-Identifier
  • NAS-IP-Address
  • NAS-Port-Id
  • NAS-Port-Type
  • Service-Type"

Hello CptnCrnch,


Thank your for your reply !

If it is send by default, what kind of value is that , because this value should be used on the NPS server.


I read every possible Radius related doc, even I open a case on meraki support, still no success !


FYI... this is an answer I get from meraki support Engineer 


  "there are all the supported attributes in the Access-Request messages sent from the Cisco Meraki access point to the customer's RADIUS server. Unfortunately, the NAS-ID is not one of them" .


This is very important fearure, which every other vendor has.



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