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Meraki AP Deployment

Good morning, 


Just checking in here to see if anyone would know a way to have the Meraki switches to auto detect when a new Meraki AP is connected and configure the port as a trunk with the proper vlans allowed. I heard from someone recently that this might be possible. 


I have 200 AP's that I am getting ready to deploy and changing each access port from our old system to a trunk with the new one would be tiresome. Trying to figure out if this can be a little more automated. 


Thanks for any advice. 



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The new Port Profiles tool is probably the simplest way:

Thanks for the info. I turned this on for a test and the AP was blocked as it couldn't verify with Meraki. Is there something I am missing maybe in my firewall rule? 

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Hi Adam, 

what I have done in the past is to use Postman.

I claim AP's into a network and update the AP configuartion whith 2 API Calls. With a third API Call I change the port settings where the AP's get connected. 

In order to do so I use the Runner in Postman and give along a cvs within postman with the needed Parameters. 





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We have been using Meraki for years and all of a sudden last week Windows 10 clients weren't able to connect.  Auth would succeed on the Windows NPS server but on the client side they would get a message saying "Cant connect to this network" or something to that affect.  OSX clients can connect without issue.  


Support team found that unchecking 'verify server certificate' allowed them connect.  So the ops team updated both certs and restarted NPS but still some users are getting the same message and unchecking that setting allows them to connect.  


Does anyone have any idea what can be done on those Windows 10 clients to allow them to verify the cert and connect?  The cert is valid and the only think I can think of is something changed on those win10 clients that is preventing them installing or validating a new cert?  Note that we have alw

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