MR44 vs MR46 Access Point Coverage

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MR44 vs MR46 Access Point Coverage

Hello Experts,

We are working on designing a greenfield Network design and deployment for out Super Specialty Hospital in India (bangalore). We are looking at MR44 vs MR46, although the specs say they are very similar. I wanted to hear from the experts here if there is any difference in terms of the coverage area that these APs have? 

Like in a 20ft x 20ft area  with few walls in the middle, would MR46 work or MR44. or would the coverage be the same. 

consider the density is the same (Med density) I am more concerned on the coverage as it will affect the number of APs and ports on the access stack. 


Hope this gives some good background. 


Thanks ahead. 




Kind of a big deal

If you look closely through the spec sheets of both the MR46 and MR44 you appear to get a little more oomph from the MR46's.  Also pay attention to the signal coverage patterns within the data sheets, the coverage looks greater for the MR46's also:


What you may come across during the procurement process however is pressure from the sales rep to purchase the MR44's as they're shipping slightly quicker.

Darren O'Connor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.
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Hi @DarrenOC 

Thank you so much for sharing the links on the data sheet! 

Yes you are right on the MR44's push that we receive from the sales team based on the availability. However as this is part of an NGO pricing is very important for us here! That is one more reason to push on the MR44's if that solves our purpose compared to MR46. 


My main concern was would MR44 cover same area as MR46 ? 


If yes, I do not mind go with MR44's instead. 


Kindly Suggest! 


Regards & Gratitude,



Kind of a big deal

We switched quickly from MR46 to MR44 when they came available and in Real Life (tm) didn't see any relevant differences.

Hey @KarstenI thank you for responding. You did not see any diffs in the range/coverage you mean? 

That is very interesting. 




No, but the deployments where we removed the MR46 and replaced them with MR44 had a quite good coverage previously. And there no difference was seen.

Thank you all for your responses and guidance here! 


Appreciate the support. 





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