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IP Address

I am trying to get a laptop connected to our company wifi. It refuses to connect to it although other devices are able to connect without a problem. I am able to see the device connect and it has a address but on the laptop itself it does not successfully connect. This is happening two laptops at two different branches. Both laptop and users are allowed to access the wifi. I've reinstalled wifi drivers on the laptops. When I check the event logs on meraki I see the device associate then disassociate just a bunch of logs of it doing that.

Kind of a big deal

Where/what is your DHCP server and I guess you confirmed the laptops are set to use DHCP and that your DHCP server is not out off addresses?



Kind of a big deal

Is the notebook definately configured to use DHCP on the Wifi adaptor?


Are you using a non-standard minimum bit rate on the SSID?  I tend to use 12Mb/s myself as it disabled old 802.11b yet retains high compatibility with most other devices.

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What does wireless health show?

Building a reputation

Something like this? 


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