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Heat Mapping

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This is an inquiry regarding Meraki Wireless Solution.


Is it possible for the Wireless to pick up a MAC address without the mobile phone actually connecting to it?


Scenario, a person enters the area with his mobile phone and the phone has no record on the Meraki Dashboard.

The Meraki AP will automatically pick up the mobile phone's MAC address.

It can also show where the person is in the said area. (Like which part of the Mall)


Kind of like Heat Map.


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Re: Heat Mapping

Yes.  You can overlay this on a floorpan (this one happens to have no floorpan loaded):


Screenshot 2018-07-31 23.51.36.png

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Re: Heat Mapping

The phone mac address will be picked up as it will be sending probes, so it will be visible.

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Re: Heat Mapping

Hi Enrico


One thing to be aware of if using Apple product, and some Android and Microsoft products, is that when a device is not associated to a network, the MAC address could be randomized and therefore render locationing useless, so unless you can get your users to associate to the wireless your outcomes on this could be varied.


This is one of the reason most vendors are now going to Bluetooth for location analytics

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