Extending Home Network with Mesh - Help Please

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Extending Home Network with Mesh - Help Please



I have  a small Meraki network comprised of an security device and an AP.  Looking to extend the network to a second building roughly 85 feet away with no wired infrastructure.  Looking at using a wireless AP to extend the mesh network to the second building.


I see a huge difference in devices from say the MR76 and a Meraki Go GR60-HW-US, but they both look like they would work.  Can someone help me navigate this decision?


A little bit more about the network.  Comcast 200Mbps, averaging two laptop and two mobile devices.  Basically home work network for two, looking to extend to a second building with a few IOT devices and a smart TV.  So definitely not in a high density situation and medium bandwidth needs.


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I would use Meraki MR74 with patch antennas. You have to make sure that you have line of sight and RF profiles are properly surveyed and configured to exclude DFS networks, use the best channels preferably in 5GHz etc.

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