Cannot connect multiple users to Wireless

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Cannot connect multiple users to Wireless

We lost our onsite DHCP server and we would like Meraki to handle DHCP requests, we setup the MX to handle DHCP but the AP’s are showing DHCP errors. We need devices connected to Wifi and Hardwired to get DHCP from Merkai and be able to communicate with each other.

Additionally we are having an issue where only a few devices can connect with Radius authentication to an AP at a time.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What error do you get?

Is your ssid configured in bridge mode?

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Check your configuration and ensure the SSID is tagged properly with the correct VLAN ID. From the AP, check and ensure the VLAN ID is allowed on your switches trunk ports all the way to the MX. Lastly from the MX's Addressing and VLANs' page, verify that the VLAN is allowed on those ports. 

For the Radius authentication failures, verify from the server logs what is the error. You may also take packet captures on the wired interface of the AP while a client is connecting so you can see the packet exchanges between the AP and RADIUS server. It should tell you whether the RADIUS is sending access-reject or if the AP is not sending the access-request at all.


hope this helps.

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What are your Firmware version on MX / MS / MR 

There is some probleme for communication between wireless devices and wired device with the MX 14.50 firmware

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