APs are sending Disconnect-Ack without disconnecting clients

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APs are sending Disconnect-Ack without disconnecting clients

So i've run into an interesting issue.  We have a guest portal configured on ClearPass, which sends a COA disconnect request on port 3799.  Yesterday, we noticed that guests were still locked within the walled garden after authenticating.  After looking at a packet capture, the connection looks as expected: Guest signs in, CPPM send disconnect, AP sends disconnect-ACK... but the client is still locked.  Reauthenticating manually works, since the client is already registered.  


My question is: Why are my APs all of a sudden unable to disconnect clients via COA, and most importantly, why are they sending the disconnect-ACK, when the client is clearly still connected?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you had a recent firmware update?

No updates.  I'm thinking meraki may suggest one.

A model citizen

Open a case with Cisco Meraki. 

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