2.4Ghz devices disconnecting on MR46

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2.4Ghz devices disconnecting on MR46

Hi, I have couple of MR46s and seeing serious issues with 2.4Ghz devices. Most of the 2.4Ghz devices, seem to be disconnecting quite often and reconnecting every few hours. The process mostly goes without issues. However, at times they dont connect at all. I have reboot the MRs for the connection to go through. And 2 Ecobee thermostats keep disconnecting/reconnecting every few minutes for no apparent reason and its just annoying (latency for these 2 devices is very high). Any help is appreciated. Below are some details on the settings.


-Firmware 27.7.1

-SSID set to 2.4 and 5Ghz
-Channels are set to Auto
-Band steering disabled
-Client balancing ON. Tried turning it OFF and no use


Failed connection to SSID ___ on AP ____ during authentication. Reason: reserved.


Thanks in advance. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@thesaint581 try firmware 28.3, we have MR36 and MR56 amongst other less similar AP models and that finally seems to have fixed the regular disconnect messages we were seeing.


If you don't like 'beta' firmware, remember you can always roll back, but we're running over 100 MRs on 28.3 and are happy with it.

Comes here often

Thanks all. I will update to 28.3 Beta and give it a try.

Meraki Employee

The Reason: reserved means the client sends a reason of code 0 when it fails to connect.


Below is the Deauthentication Reason Code Table.

Unfortunately, the reserve reason code does not give much more information about why the client is failing to connect., and further troubleshooting is generally required.

Kind of a big deal

My guess - the devices are trying to save power, and that this is normal behaviour for them.  Just a guess,

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