meraki switch with 3rd party Access Point

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meraki switch with 3rd party Access Point

i have a urgent requirement to setup additional wireless AP.

i need to consider 3rd party AP as it will take too long for the meraki AP to arrive at my door step for deployment.

ETA is usually 4-6 weeks upon confirmation of order.


can 3rd party wireless AP work with meraki poe switch MS220 ?

eg. AP from linksys

do I need power injector if the switch is not able to provide sufficent power?

i need poe because the location where i install the AP is high up the celing where there is no way to install power point to power the AP.

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As long as the AP supports 802.3af/at, I don't see why the AP wouldn't work.

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As per the above answer. Any Vendor's gear will integrate/work with Meraki gear.  As long as the AP supports the appropriate POE standards there'll be no problem. 

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> ETA is usually 4-6 weeks upon confirmation of order.

What country are you in? 


The radios in the MR WAPs are really excellent. I've never had any problems, sad to see your situation. 

i have deployed 2 units of Linksys LAPN600 and 1 unit of LAPN1200 AP on the meraki switch.

in my old setup i have antslab authenticating clients connecting to meraki AP.

antslab will provide guests with access code to use the WIFI.

for the 3 new Linksys AP, i actually do not need guests to authenticate with the antslab gateway.

i just need a single SSID on the 3 linksys AP for guests to access WIFI Internet.


can this work ?

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