How To Get Started With MS225-24 and MX65 - IPSec tunnel Setup

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How To Get Started With MS225-24 and MX65 - IPSec tunnel Setup

I am a seasoned IT Professional and currently in a IT Manager Position where I am also the ONLY IT person. So, I am expected to know it all.

We are setting up a satellite office 200 miles away and it was recommended to get the MS225-24 and MX65 for Point to Point VPN and wireless. 


Basic question do I configure the switches? I wanted to do some configuring before I leave for the location tomorrow but when I connected here in the office, it brought half my network down. So I decided to wait until I went on site to try configuration. But simply wondering how to get started with Meraki cloud management. 

Any links to videos or tutorials would be appreciated, especially on setting up the IPSec tunnel. 

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Hi @garak0140


If you haven't already created your cloud dashboard, start there. 


You can add your devices under Organization > Inventory or under Network-wide > Add devices once you have created a network for your remote offices. 


You can then start the configuration of that network in your dashboard. When the devices are physically put in place and have a valid connection to the internet, they will automatically check-in to your cloud setup configuration and pull those configs down. Make sure your network is solid and running as designed before moving on to the site-to-site vpn setup. 


See Meraki's documentation for more site-to-site vpn information. I think the documentation on their site can help you through most basic setup scenarios as long as you are familiar with networks in general. 

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I agree with @WadeAlsup.  Also here is a YouTube video by Meraki on how to get started,

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