Trouble getting Fiber ADVA working with MX64 - Help greatly appreciated!

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Trouble getting Fiber ADVA working with MX64 - Help greatly appreciated!



I am fairly new at networking, so I am running into a little trouble understanding what I need to do to get things working. Hopefully, I am posting in the right section.


Current Internet Configuration:

Spectrum modem/router connects to our Cisco Meraki MX64 connected to Cisco SG300-MP switch.


New Internet Configuration that I need to set-up:

Fiber company installed a ADVA FSP 150CC-GE112 which hands off a static public IP. According to the fiber technician, we will need to "FW to NAT our internal addresss".


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set-up MX64 to work with the ADVA FSP150. Am I missing a piece of equipment in between?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


- Lost IT guy

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Hi @LostITguy


Is the MX Uplink WAN port currently configured for Static or DHCP for the public addressing? should take you to the local status page for your MX to verify. There you can see if the MX is successfully getting a Public address via DHCP or you can plug in your static information.  

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