VLAN assignment for voice-vlan after successfull MAB authentication (ISE)

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VLAN assignment for voice-vlan after successfull MAB authentication (ISE)

We use Cisco ISE for authentication off all our devices in the network. We also uses VOIP phones with MAB authentication. After authentication the phone must be switched to the voice-vlan-40 (also using LLDP/CDP)


I need the special AP-pairs from Cisco ISE to set this VLAN.


Does anyone can help me?



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Kind of a big deal


Thanks, but this is only ment for regular VLAN assignment, I'm looking for voice-vlan assignment which is different.
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

An approach I have used (very sucesffully) in the past is to assign the VLANs on the switch and only use 802.1x for authentication.  You can still override the data VLAN for the user.


This may not quite be what you want - but this works.



You can refer to this document for the allow attributes:



The attribute for the data vlan is:


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Voice VLAN / VLAN recognition is working independ of 802.1x RADIUS.

The switch puts the IP-phones automatically to the voice VLAN in my networks. PC´s connected to the phones are running into the user VLAN.




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