Upgrade MS120 from 12.28 to 14.28 - is it okay?

Getting noticed

Upgrade MS120 from 12.28 to 14.28 - is it okay?



I am about to upgrade a lot of MS120 switches from 12.28 to 14.28 this weekend. Anything to worry about?


I have test upgraded a single MS120-8. I had to power cycle the switch after the upgrade for it to start parsing traffic again, but it has worked since without issues.


I am unable to test upgrade any of the many MS120´s as they are all bound to a template.






Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

 run stable.  Unless you really need a feature from the beta

Getting noticed

I dont need any of the beta features so i Will cancel the scheduled upgrade.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

14.29 is a stable release candidate, all our switches run 14.x and if anything we've found it more stable than the old 12.x release train.


However I'd test an upgrade from 12.x to 14.29 first on a switch of the same type as you shouldn't have needed a power off!


Thanks for posting this Robert! And thanks to all for the helpful input as always!


Robert, I also support quite a few of these, busy scheduling my upgrades now.


I'll keep you posted.

Thank you. 

Kind of a big deal

I find that choice tough.


I feel the 14.x spanning-tree code is much better and more stable.  So if you have dual connected devices or network loops, I think 14.x will deliver a more stable result.  Personally, I try to never have loops to remove this issue.


Otherwise, the lastest stable 12.x works great.



I haven't had issues with either.

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