Switch IP in MPLS / router setup

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Switch IP in MPLS / router setup

Hi !

I have the following setup:

LAN-Network (VLAN10) -> MS250-Stack as a router -> MPLS-Network (VLAN5)

The MPLS-transfer-networks have a /29-mask (for the MPLS-VLAN-IP, the gateway and 2 more devices for redundancy).

The MS250 has a VLAN-IP for each network, but each MS250 also needs a Switch-IP to connect to the cloud.
The default route points to the gateway of the /29-MPLS-subnet.

Now it seems as if the switches need their switch-IPs in the MPLS-network to connect to the cloud. When they are assigned a LAN-VLAN-IP they can not connect to the dashboard.
That is a bit odd, because in the /29-MPLS-subnet the IPs shall be reserved for redundancy-devices.

Is there any possibility to configure the switches to connect to the dashboard without having their switch-IPs in the MPLS network ?

Kind of a big deal

Whatever interface points towards the Internet (which is usually the MPLS interface when doing routing as you have described) is the subnet that the management IP of the switch needs to be in.


A /29 has 6 usable IP addresses.  You have listed 4 (MS, GW, R1, R2) - so you should have a free IP to assign as the management IP.

I thought something like that would be the case.

You‘re right with the IPs, two are left - sorry my fault, with these two free IPs the situation is not that odd.


I had another network-supplier in mind where this could be accomplished with the help of a loopback interface which is not supported until now on Meraki switches.

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