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Static IP for Stack

How do you put a Static IP on a Switch Stack?  I have 2 390's that I have stacked.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Assigning a Static IP Address - Cisco Meraki Documentation


  1.  When using static IP addressing for switch management interfaces rather than DHCP, the management IP address cannot be individually altered for each stack member through the dashboard. Once the stack is configured, all members will display the management IP address of the active (primary/master) switch, where the control plane resides. It is important to note that if a change to the management IP is made after the stack has been configured, that change will apply to the active switch and will be reflected across all stack members. The management IP is shared and not unique to each switch within the stack.

  2. Based on the number of members in a stack and switch ports being used boot time can vary. 

  3. Rebooting a stack member from the dashboard using the "Reboot device" tool will reboot all the members in a stack. The same applies when performing a factory reset on a stack member. 

  4. Physically power cycling switch stack members may cause other stack members to be unreachable for a short time, while the management plane re-initializes. 

Switch Stacks - Cisco Meraki Documentation

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