Stacking Cable MA-CBL-40G-1M

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Stacking Cable MA-CBL-40G-1M

Hi everyone,


I need some help. 


Can anyone tell me if the MA-CBL-40G-1M stack cable is hot swap?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Yes and no.


In theory yes. In reality , maybe. We have seen and encountered some strange bugs, like removing inserting a stack cable could bring the whole stack down. I would prefer to do that in a maintenance window

Thanks a lot for your help my friend.
The switches are already operational but not on the stack. Do you see any problem connecting the stack cables with them turned on or is it better to turn them off? 




I would shut down the whole stack. I‘ve never tested this on running Switches but this Link also recommends to shut them down:

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have hot added a third switch to a stack of two switches successfully, but if you can power them off and then stack them, I'd strongly advise it.

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Most times it worked for me. But not always.


  • Connecting a stacking cable to a stack that is online may result in a stack member going offline (present since MS 12)
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From my experience this is always true if you have more than 2 switches in a stack and use cross stack LACP as the uplink.

If you use only 2 switches, then its OK.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Technically yes, the link will come up since it is basically a QSFP module.  However the software on the switches don't like changing to stacking while online.

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Hi Jackson!
From my own experience, It's better to turn off the Switches as recommended by Meraki and after turning them on, provision their stack.
Even so, if the switches are already in production there may be some bugs or failures of not fully provisioning their stack and having to do the stack procedure more than once to succeed.
With the switches in the staging process, you can do the same as the guide explains without problems with stack provisioning.
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