Prioritise a VLAN using QoS

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Prioritise a VLAN using QoS


I would like to prioritize all traffic on a certain VLAN.


Ideally all traffic from this VLAN should be identified as Voice so has priority for winning over the air contention.


Is there a guide to set this up?


Also a guide to allow only certain device types to connect to an SSID/VLAN.


Thanks in advance


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You can set the CoS for a VLAN in "Switch/Switch Settings":




Some more info here:


To limit which devices end up in this VLAN there are several options. Most people will either use an Access Port with a specific VLAN (static assignment) or use 802.1X (dynamic assignment):


You can do this with 3d party RADIUS server or with Cisco ISE:


See also these links specific to voice deployment recommendations on wired and wireless networks with Meraki:

Kind of a big deal

In order to mark traffic over a specific wireless network, you would have to re-mark it before it leaves the radio if the application that originally sent the traffic did not mark it as voice.

So if you are using say FaceTime on wireless, if the application is marking traffic from the phone as Best Effort, it will leave the phone and reach the AP that way. If you want the responses back (downlink) to be prioritized, then you will need to specifically remark that application to Voice. The only way to get clients to send traffic as Voice is to get the application to mark them correctly.

I think you might find it difficult to do what your aiming to do, and in addition, if all the traffic on the wireless has EF/Voice marked, your going to run into issues with retries/contention most likely (depending on how many clients you have). This is because the Voice access category uses a contention window of 0-3 for the arbitration process. The more clients you have using that, the more chances you'll have of collisions etc., statistically anyhow.
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Thank you all for the solutions. Very much appreciated!

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