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PoE usage Data



does anybody know a method to retreive the PoE usage on a given port?

I've tried it over cloud snmp and device snmp, but I wasn't able to find a matching oid.


For sure I know that the meraki rest api isn't providing that information.



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do you mean outside the dashboard?


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I want to monitor the PoE usage of the ports.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I don't think there is anyway to do this.

The summary report will give you the total power usage in KWH for POE switches but it doesn't go as far as breaking it down per port. 

The earlier replies are correct and you'll need to look at this info either at an individual port level in somewhat real time, or aggregated in a summary report.  That info is not syslogged or event logged for example.  And unfortunately there is no API call today that will return the instantaneous PoE power draw on a port by port basis either.  There are however errors for PoE overload and warnings for PoE power being denied. 


Curious, since it would be a ton of data, what is the use case for needing to track instantaneous PoE usage port by port?  Or perhaps it's more about alerting?  Perhaps the feature request would be to add an alert on the Network-Wide > Alerts page to have an alert if a port is denied PoE power, so you could start being alerted if a switch is over budget and some devices cannot get power.

At the moment it's more for statistical reasons and personal interest. I don't need to track it instantaneous. It would be enough to have the value which is in the dashboard (which gets updated every 1-2 minutes I think). I would pull the data every 1-5 minutes.

From the API side we currently have GET/devices/{serial}/switchPortStatuses which is currently providing most of the statistical data (e.g. TX/RX, CDP, ... ). PoE is just missing here.

I have seen many instances where I have confirmed no external power cord to a phone and the dashboard just wont register PoE usage.. SNMP would be great to get around instances where the switch/dashboard seem incorrect/inaccurate.




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Did you find any possibility to get PoE Budget Info or even on a port basis? I´m also looking for a way to get this, but until now, no luck... Meraki switches don´t support many MIBs.

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If this thread is still relevant, try the following API call:Get switch port statuses




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Hello @Oren ,

it is still relevant. The "powerUsageInWh" parameter is sadly in Wh and not W over a period of 24? hours.
What me and the others wanted was a live view of the current usage.
e.g. a MV is using ~ 4.4-6Wh (lets say 5 for the next calculation) during the day. If it is freezing and the heater gets turned on in the night, then it would probably go to the advertised 30W.

example ( I know probably not so realistic, but again it's an example):
So day 8am - 10 pm -> 14 hours * 5W = 70Wh
night with freezing temperatures and IR -> 10 hours * 30W = 300Wh

 -> total 370Wh for 24 hours usage

With this you can't make any assumptions when it will use the full power and when not.

If we would get the current W, then it would be possible to put it into a database and visualize it. "Okay at 10pm the power usage of the camera  X went up".

That’s a good question.

One of the parameters available for that API call is timespan (in seconds), which allows you to query the usage over the last X seconds. If you take a measurement of 3600 seconds every hour - you’ll have the hourly PoE usage, or 60 seconds every minute, etc’.

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I've just played around with it and it's kinda "meh".
the smallest intervall with a result > 0Wh was 800 seconds (13.3 minutes). So it would be a better value for statistically reasons, but you would still miss short peaks.

the thing that annoys me here is the situation, that you are getting a live value every few seconds over the dashboard, when you are looking at it in the browser. So the possibility is there.
The best would be to get the value over mqtt or snmp.

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