Mirroring a VLAN

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Mirroring a VLAN

Had a customer ask me today if he could mirror (or span) a whole VLAN as opposed to just specific ports.  Documentation is pretty clear that you can mirror specific ports or a range of ports on the same switch (or switch stack).  Looking for confirmation that currently there is no capability to mirror a whole VLAN.  Thanks!

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My assumptions are the same as your's only port mirroring is currently available.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Joel,


At the moment, VLAN mirroring is not possible in Cisco Meraki devices. However, I would definitely encourage you to make a feature request under the "Make I wish" section in Dashboard.


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Hi Joel,


please request this feature under "Make a Wish" section, I have done it and I'm hoping for this feature to be available soon, we desperately need this and we are forced to run legacy devices in order to achieve this. 

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How did you go with this feature?  Did you hear back from Meraki?

Did not hear back from Meraki directly.
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