Adding MS125 24POE to MX250

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Adding MS125 24POE to MX250

A bit of background: we are a start-up running wild without IT. 

We have MX250 doing the switching now, all GbE ports are busy with APs.

To deploy a few more APs pushed to us by Virgin Media back when we were getting the lines and equipment, we're thinking to lease and install 1 MS125 switch, PoE with 24 ports.

Now, I am the office manager (with no networking experience) and from the info I've gathered I can clone the settings in the dashboard, so setting up the new piece of equipment should be pretty much straightforward?

Then, if I connect the new MS125 to MX250 via SPF/SPF+ ports using Cisco Meraki 10G Base SR Multi-Mode (x2) and let's say CAT7 and keep patching the rest of APs through MS125&patch panel - will they work as PoE and will there be a bottleneck?

Did I miss something? Would appreciate any advice! 


Kind of a big deal

"10G Base SR Multi-Mod" are fibre modules. You wont be able to use a copper patch lead.


You can get 1m and 3m copper 10Gbe TwinAx cables.



So if the switches are within this range you can use these cables.


After that if you want to use 10Gbe then you'll need to get fibre installed between where the switches are or drop back to using Gigabit instead of 10Gbe and connection them using a standard patch lead (not using the SFP+ ports).



Hi Philip! Thank you very much for the advice!

Do you think dropping back to Gigabit and connecting them with cat6 might create uplink oversubscription or it should be fine?

What do you mean by getting the fiber installed where the switches are? Currently, we have fiber going into Virgin and BT routers, which are then connected to MX250 which is doing the switching. I am planning to put the switch into the same rack (at least for the time being).

Kind of a big deal

Based on your port count I think Gigabit would be find and I wouldn't worry about port over-subscription.

Kind of a big deal

ps. Don't waste money on Cat7. Use Cat 6a.

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