Meraki switch remote management

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Meraki switch remote management

My question is, If the IP changes at the facility where we might have a Meraki device installed can it still connect to cloud home for management purposes? 

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A MX  WAN port  needs to be changed locally unless it already has a network connection, then it can be changed from the dashboard. 

A MS can be changed as long as it has connectivity to the cloud, no local page. 


If that didn't answer your question - can you explain a little more in detail the network design and what IP is changing. 

We dispatch switches to third party sites to connect to a specific (one and only one) device and data from that device is transferred to our site and vice versa. No other devices are ever connected to that switch from their side. It happens, from time to time, the third site will, for some reason, change their IP and we would loose connection to the switch and consequently to the device in question.

We need to be able to access that switch and re-configure it, no matter what.

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So Id assume then that these switches are configured with static IP's then?


In general it sounds like you need a MX instead of a MS and install USB cellular cards for failover. 


If its one device - this would probably do the trick - 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Was long as the device can still talk to the Internet, you still be able to manage it,

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If you know when the IP change will happen you can preempt the change and update the switch beforehand.

If you have no control or visibility of when this will happen, as Tat0rt0t say, you will need some sort of backup mechanism like a 4G dongle.

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