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Good morning/afternoon, a client just asked me if i could make a template for their network.


Right now that network is separated in three building, they want to 'fuse' all their wifi network into one, something like using the same SSID and the same password in all the buildings, but at the same time they want to know if they can keep the configuration from the dhcp, routes, etc..., separated individually for every building.


Sorry if something is not well explained, my english level is pretty bad and i don't know much about Meraki.


Thanks in advance.

Kind of a big deal

For that use-case I wouldn't implement templates. With templates you need to use automatically generated IP-ranges from a pool or have all sites use the same IP range. There's no local override for VLANs possible.


If keeping the Wi-Fi settings in sync is important and they need to be changed often, I'd probably leverage the API. Once you have the script that sets the necessary settings, it's very easy to apply it to the three networkId's. To get going with the API's, start here:


Once you've got the hang of that and you want to turn it into a script, have a look at this:

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