Meraki Switche and long time disconnect to cloud


Meraki Switche and long time disconnect to cloud


If i have a location and the wan service is offline, the meraki switche will not have a connection to the Cloud anymore. Is there something like a timer, when the switches dont't work (local switching without wan Service) any more? 

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To my knowledge, switches should work without issues, as long as they do not use any cloud related service (Radius for example).



  • If the configuration is safe
    • MS will never reboot
  • If the configuration is not safe
    • MS will try to obtain an IP address on an alternate VLAN and then connect to the cloud through that alternate connection
    • MS will revert to previous safe configuration 2 hours after lost connectivity
    • After reverting to a safe configuration, the former configuration will be marked bad

Thanks. But my question is more regarding for example possible license issues. Perhaps after an amount of time switches stop working.

I don't think the switch will stop working before the license runs out. I'd guess that on each change the switch would download its new expiration date. If the WAN connection goes down I'd wager to guess it'll continue working at least up until that date + 30 days (grace period). I'm not sure whether the switches would stop working on their own without being instructed to do so manually by a Meraki employee. This sounds like quite a hypothetical case anyway, Meraki really isn't meant for offline uses. What is your use case?

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There are some config changes you can do (layer2) from the local status page, which would mean that you could use it offline (if the license is not kept locally).
However, I would not risk using the switch this way.
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