Meraki Switch - Cable Test on UPLINK


Meraki Switch - Cable Test on UPLINK

Is there any specific reason we cannot perform a cable test to an uplink port on a switch other than the generic message on the portal that says it'll "disrupt traffic"? If no, then why can't we run a cable test on an uplink port for troubleshooting purposes?


For instance, we have a MS225-24P-HW connected to an MX68W however the uplink port to that MX is reporting a 10/100 connection so would like to know what's causing it however we cannot run a cable test to an uplink port. Is this a feature they will allow in the future?


I ask this (somewhat of a dumb question) because if the rational behind it is because it "disrupts traffic" then why do they allow us to cycle the port....Which WILL disrupt traffic? Seems kind of an oxymoron to me that makes no sense.


Or is Meraki just trolling us?




Kind of a big deal

I think you are correct, there is no particular technical justification to disallow the cable test and allow cycling the port on the same page.


If you confirmed each side is not configured manually to 10/100 it seems likely you have a cable issue though.  I would move forward on that assumption and change the patch cord or check cable and jacks between.  If that all is clean then there is some possibility of a damaged port on Meraki and support should confirm and RMA,

Exactly, or on uplink ports there should simply be a 2nd step/popup asking if you really want to do that (test/bounce).

Head in the Cloud

port cycling is somtimes needed, but you need to be aware what you are doing.

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