Meraki MS =- port status monitoring - SNMP

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Meraki MS =- port status monitoring - SNMP

Dear Community,


In current release, we would like to know if MS port status could be monitored through SNMP polling. If not, do you know if in future release it would be?


Thank you for your advice.


BR Yannick

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Kind of a big deal

We are using Solarwinds for snmp monitoring...


As I just added the device to the tool not much is in, but seems like its only showing "Port active" not much more.


2019-07-04 09_49_42-Wireless Autonomous AP -


But thanks for reminding me to add 60 MS120 to the monitoring tool :S 😄



Thank you for your reply.


We are specifically looking to monitor port status change (up or down)



KR Yannick

I believe that 'Alert when a switch port is connected / disconnected' is part of the Meraki cloud controller poprietary MIB.    See Traps in here:


The MIB itself is available within Dashboard:  Organization > Configure > Settings, under SNMP


Does your alert have to be via SNMP?   Can you not use Network-wide > Configure > Alerts?    Under switch, when a port type goes down for selected period - this generates alert emails - or alerts via Webhooks, if you can use that.

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