Meraki Cable Testing via Dashboard API

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Meraki Cable Testing via Dashboard API

Hello Meraki Community,


I have recently had an interesting request from a client. "Is it possible to run the Meraki Cable Testing function via APi command" 


In short the client has created a number of custom health check reports which make use of the Dashboard APi's. One of these reports make use of the Port statistics APi and reports on the number of interfaces in the enviroment that have CRC errors. As a follow up to this report, they would like loop these identified interfaced through the Cable Testing functions and generate a report to their cabling infrastructure team to further investigate and resolve.


Does anyone know of a way to invoke this Cable Testing function via Dashboard API ?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi ,


I'm 99% sure that this feature is not available via API. 


It would be a great addition to the API !

Clicking the 'Give your feedback' box on the bottom right of your dashboard page and do the suggestion ! It helps !

Kind of a big deal

Interesting that this exists, but not cable test!cycle-device-switch-ports

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