Managed Services licensing transfer to single customer licensing

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Managed Services licensing transfer to single customer licensing



I´ve got a partner that has a managed services set up. From time to time customers change their mind and wants to control their own environment ie leavning the managed services. They then typically want to purchase the equipment they are using and the licenses with it. How is this transfer done?





Kind of a big deal

You could just give the customer full admin access and then after they verify they can login they can delete other admins. 


Thank you Brandon, That´s a nice workaround but the ownership doesn´t change.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It's important to understand who owns the licensing here, currently - licences are not transferrable  ( see the End User Agreement linked here: )

If the customer already owns the licensing then either pass on Admin control of the existing Organization - as per @BrandonS ' suggestion, or have Meraki Support 'move' licences from the existing to a target destination, by raising a Support case.   Bear in mind that the latter option requires that the Admin raising the case with support have full permissions in both Organizations:

Hello, I had a discussion with a Meraki SE yesterday and he confirmed that the licenses can´t be transferred from the MSP to a customer. The hardware can be sold but the licenses needs to be re-purchased so the customer has to be weary about when in time an exit from a managed service is a good idea.

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