MS450 & QSFP Breakout cable (Cisco Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU5M)


MS450 & QSFP Breakout cable (Cisco Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU5M)

Do you know if Cable Cisco QSFP-4SFP10G-CU5M work with Cisco Meraki Switch MS450?




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Juan Facundo Martínez
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Kind of a big deal

No. While generally Meraki is forgiving in non-official support this is pushing it too far. Pretty sure the dashboard can't handle splitting up the 40G interfaces into 4 10G interfaces. Here are the officially supported SFPs:

Correct the 4x10G breakout cables are not supported on MS.

What if it was connecting to a Stack of 4 with Link Aggregation? Then it would technically be one interface to one interface? Has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried this?  Does I work?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Gleep52 it cannot work as you only have one port number for the QSFP+ ports.  On other switches that support breakout cables the QSFP+ ports are numbered like 37 and 41 so that when you use a breakout cable, 38, 39 and 40 appear.

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