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MS425 reset stack member


I have a stack of 8*MS425 access switchs connected to 2*ms250 core switch with port-channel ( through member stack 1 and 8 ) .

My management and native vlan is 120.

when i tried to reset a swich member without a uplink port ( member 2 to 7 ) . my switch can't have a IP adresse or connect to meraki dashboard.

I forced localy the management vlan on DHCP vlan 120. the switch received an IP adress, but can't connect to meraki dashboard.

Can you help please ?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you got the stack ports configured in a ring?  So port 1 on one switch goes to port 2 on the next?

Kind of a big deal

I've had much better luck with MS devices when the management VLAN is not the native VLAN on the uplink interface(s). MS devices like to tag their management traffic all the time which can cause issues when the native VLAN is the management VLAN. 

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