MS390 - VLAN limitation

Getting noticed

MS390 - VLAN limitation

hi guys,


first of all I‘ve been through some documentations already regarding the MS390 and I think to know that this product is still a not useable one in a productive environment…


but unfortunately a customer has this switch in use connected to a MS425! I always use on the 802.1q trunks native vlan1 and all vlans allowed on them but on the MS390 this limitation of 1000 vlans exists…


so whats your suggestion how the trunk ports should be configured on both sides - the MS425 and the MS390?


thanks in advance for any kind of help!

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you dont use vlans  higher than 1000 in that network i would leave  it that way.

Getting noticed

the “problem“ is, that the customer uses vlan-id‘s greater 1000… 😕

I can't find a reference to confirm this - so you would need to double-check this - but I think the additional "Advanced" licence for the MS390 enables the additional VLANs over 1,000.

Here to help

It is ok to use VLAN IDs above 1000

The limitation is a total of 1000 active VLANs

Kind of a big deal

What Tore says.  There limitation is the number of VLAN ID's created on the switch not the actual number used.

This is because on any switch other than Meraki MS (classic) switches you need to actually "create" a VLAN before it can be used on an access port or allowed through a trunk.

Did you ever have a Catalyst switch problem where you allowed a VLAN over a trunk but it just would not appear in the forwarding list because you forgot to create it?

If you don't have a big number of VLAN's I suggest you make an explicit VLAN allow list and configure the trunks identical on both sides.

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