MS390-48P showing offline in dashboard


MS390-48P showing offline in dashboard

Has anyone had this issue?  We have 4 of them, along with other models.  These switches are occasionally going "offline", even though the switches are working just fine.  Other switches on the same network at the same location are still visible on the dash.  Support has not been able to provide a resolution yet, although they want me to install beta firmware on the switches, which is a no-go in Production.

Kind of a big deal

In all honesty the MS390 switches have been really buggy, and this sounds like another one of those bugs - in fact I believe it’s listed in the release notes. 

I understand the concern about running beta software in production, but personally I’d consider the whole MS390 range as ‘beta’, and you will likely get a better experience with these switches on the MS15.x ‘beta’ firmware.


Just because it’s beta, it doesn’t mean it’s unsupported or unstable (unless there are warnings to that effect in the release notes, e.g. the MX17.x firmware), all it means is it’s not widely deployed (and consequently not so thoroughly tried in the field, a bit like the MS390 in general).

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We have a site with 18 MS390's in several stacks and have seen this happen a few times recently.  The entire stack would disappear off the dashboard but all the clients on that stack would still be passing traffic.  

A full reboot of the stack (local access only) would bring it back for a while.  We were told to upgrade to production release 14.33 and did that a few weeks ago.  The problem has only come back one more time but that's all for the last 3 weeks.  If this is what is considered "fixed", I'll take it since it is more stable than before.


Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Many MS390 were impacted by this bug: ""MS390 management plane can get stuck in a crash loop resulting in the switch staying disconnected from dashboard""" and it was resolved in 14.33, I don't believe that meraki included this fix yet to 15.10. However, if your switches are running 14.33 and still go down, then it would be a good idea to move them to 15.10.

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