MS-120 8 port

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MS-120 8 port

I am trying to take my ms-120 8 port switch and turn it into a multi-layer switch so that I can have more physical ports instead of everything running off an mr-33 access point. Any thoughts?

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You’ve lost me there. What are you trying to achieve?
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I’m trying to get my isp uplink to plug directly via Ethernet into my switch. I then want my switch to push that uplink to my mr-33 access point. Continue to use my access point for wireless devices and use the switch for a few wired devices.

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I'm trying to understand but you want you ISP to plug directly into your switch and then setup and AP off of that switch?  You would still need your modem from your ISP to act as a firewall/gateway to the internet.  You can then hook that into your switch and then setup you AP on that switch.  You won't have full functionality that you would if you had a MX device in the topology but connectivity should work.


Best advice.  Look to see if you can watch a webinar to get your hands on a MX device then you will have more options.

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That is not possible, the MS-120 is a layer 2 switch, it doesn't have any layer 3 routing capability. If you need to do what you are describing then you need to either get a router and place it in between the MS-120 and the modem or get a layer 3 switch

Frank Kelly

So then are the two spf ports on the ms-120 just for show? Because I can’t find their functionality 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Its the same  as the other ports. But for example sfp  can use a fiber module for  longer distance 

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