LLDP and VoIP device not moving onto correct VLAN

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LLDP and VoIP device not moving onto correct VLAN

We are using MS250-24P switches.

We have a voice vlan for IP phones, which works fine, the phones do move onto the voice vlan using LLDP.

However LLDP is not working with another VoIP device, an audiocode mp202.

It does send LLDP messages to the Meraki switch, but there is no reply and it also doesn't move onto the voice vlan, which I was hoping for.


What is it in a LLDP client message that makes the Meraki switch determine it is a VoIP device?


Can LLDP be configured on the Meraki switch so that it recognizes certain devices as VoIP? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@Skysails8080 : I would recommend to check below links 



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I have seen this link.


It's an example of the switch sending a LLDP message with the correct vlan, but in my case I don't see it replying to the LLDP message of the client.

Maybe the LLDP client and switch versions are not compatible?


What is it in a client LLDP message that identifies it to the Meraki switch as a VoIP device?

@Skysails8080 : first of all, yes LLDP is supported on Meraki Switches 



Secondly, The MS Access Switch utilize LLDP to recognize the VoIP phone connected and retrieve various properties of the phone. QoS on the MS Switch tags specific traffic that is incoming on the desired switch ports and prioritizes traffic which is important for voice traffic due to its sensitivity to latency.



To your point, Voice VLANs and QoS (Quality of Service) to separate voice traffic into its own broadcast domain and tag it for optimal transfer and prioritization.

Cisco IT Blogs awarded in 2020 & 2021
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Did it work on another switch?


Lldp-med is needed.


Mp202 only support lldp and not lldp-med?(as far i can tell from the mp20x documentation)


"By default, network devices sends out only LLDP packets until it receives LLDP-MED packets from an endpoint device. It will then keep sending out LLDP-MED packets until the remote device to which it is connected to ceases to be LLDP-MED capable. "

That could be it.

That the audiocode mp202 is only supporting lldp, not lldp-med.

You could hard code that specific port that it plugs into so that it is in the VLAN you would like.

It's up to the device to tag it's own traffic with the voice VLAN.

The only thing the Meraki switch will do is periodically send CDP and LLDP messages detailing the voice VLAN in use.


You can perfectly capture this using following capture filter: ether host 01:80:c2:00:00:0e or ether host 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cc.


Documented here: https://documentation.meraki.com/MS/Port_and_VLAN_Configuration/Verifying_Voice_and_Data_VLAN_tags_w...


So perhaps you'll have to check the device what it supports, static, cdp, lldp or both and setup accordingly.

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