Inter-vlan routing

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Inter-vlan routing

Hello, I have a problem with my meraki
I have a pc in vlan 1 in 192.1681.1 gateway .254 (meraki) and I would like to print on a printer which is in vlan 10 in gateway.10.254 (meraki)

Impossible to ping the ip of the printer which is in the other vlan and therefore print despite the inter vlan routing being activated?


Do you have an idea ?
thank you
Kind of a big deal

@pascaldu34 : Check this below link 

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Kind of a big deal

Make sure both the PC and the printer have the correct subnet mask which is most likely to be


You could also check out the layer 3 guide for MS. 

hello , yes the subnet is correct...

Kind of a big deal

And check both devices have correct gateway and are showing the correct MAC address of the gateway so they can actually reach it.


from my pc, I ping the gateway of my network vl1 and that of the network vl10 but impossible to ping the ip of the printer, my mask is indeed in
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it s a meraki MX

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