How to create VLAN

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How to create VLAN

Hello All! I am new to networking with meraki equipment (MS225-48FP) and was wondering how do you create a VLAN with these switches? The UI changed on our portal and I cannot find a guide to save my life. I am new to creating VLANs to begin with (this will be the first one I create outside of school). I have created a case to see if they would be willing to assist me in doing this but I thought I would reach out to the community as well 🙂

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In Meraki, you don't need to create vlans for the switch to pass or tag vlan traffic. The switch has all vlans available by default.


You can however create a Vlan interface under Switch -> Routing & DHCP.

The vlan interface is used to allow routing to devices on the vlan.


A few docs that might help:

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You just add them in the switch port configuration.  If you want a trunk you choose the native VLAN and all allowed tagged VLANs.  You can choose all or individual or ranges like: 10-20,31 If you make it access port you can choose the access VLAN and a voice VLAN that will work with CDP/LLDP devices.


At default every port is a trunk with native VLAN 1 and all VLANs allowed.


If you intend to route between VLANs then see this next:


Kind of a big deal

What are you using as the gateway fore the VLAN?

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