Future IPv6 Layer 3/Routing support for MS - which hardware?

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Future IPv6 Layer 3/Routing support for MS - which hardware?

Hello all, tried searching "ipv6" in the MS/Switching forum, but didn't find anything recent.


I'm trying to plan ahead and figure out what hardware requirements will be for IPv6 static routing in the future.


Or perhaps I should step back and first ask the most basic question: Is IPv6 static routing a planned feature for MS?


If [hopefully] so, will it be supported on all MS switches that currently do L3? E.g., if I purchase a MS250 now, will new firmware eventually enable IPv6 static routing?


Or are there known hardware limitations such that only certain models/lines be able to support IPv6 routing?


Stretch question: any kind of approximate timeline? 🙂

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

On beta fiwmware MS 15.14.2 It was add, but just to MS 390:


  • IPv6 static routing support for MS390 series switches




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That's a good sign! Although I hope it doesn't mean that it will be limited to only MS390 switches..

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