Local IP and Firmware "Undefined" on a lot of switches this morning

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Local IP and Firmware "Undefined" on a lot of switches this morning



Came into work this morning to find the following. Has anyone else seen this before? There doesn't appear to be any downstream issues caused by it from the clients or APs but something is obviously wrong. Also APs themselves are fine, just appears to be switches effected.


I've checked the firewall rules and all are in compliance with the rules stated in the Dashboard.


MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

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After a morning of investigation, it looks like its a bug in the latest version of Edge from the 22H2 Windows 11 update.


After filtering the switches a few times, they all start displaying properly.

Not just Edge - we're getting this issue on Safari & Chrome (macOS)




It's not just you and not Windows 11.  I have the same thing on W10 / Firefox / or any other browser I try.

Getting noticed

Any fix for this problem. Or we waiting for another firmware update?

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