Etherchannel Hashing

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Etherchannel Hashing

Does anyone know what hashing algorithm for load balancing Meraki is using when LACP is enabled?  src-mac, dst-mac, src-dst-mac, XOR


I'm having a strange interaction between a stack of meraki switches, and a fortinet firewall.  The Firewall is using src-dst-ip, but I want to match the firewall to the switch.

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Meraki Employee

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What is your "strange interaction"? Often matching the algorithms will not give the desired behaviour. In General:

  • If the destination is a L3 device, never use dst-mac
  • If the source is a L3 device, never use src-mac
  • if both are L3 devices never use dst-mac, src-mac or src-dst-mac
  • The more information is used in the load balancing decision, the better the load-sharing will be
  • A single flow will always end up on a single LAG-member
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