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Dual Media taking a SFP and copper port

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Dual Media taking a SFP and copper port

I have a wierd issue I haven't seen before and can't find an answer for online. Ports 21-24(copper) are using a dual media mode taking ports 25-28(SFP modules). I can't seem to seperate the ports, so it's losing 4 ports. I didn't change anything, and since I am currently not using the SFP ports it wasn't a big issue. I recently turned off all extra ports so when I disabled port 23(not the uplink thankfully) it turned off both ports(23 and 27). Anyone seen this problem before? Thanks, Mike Anderson



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Re: Dual Media taking a SFP and copper port

@MXanderson  According to the Datasheet for the MS220 series this is normal.


  • 24 x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet RJ45 (4 shared with SFP)

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Re: Dual Media taking a SFP and copper port

Hi Mike,


You may also refer to following Url


Excerpts from above Url


The last 4 ports on the MS22, MS22P, MS220-24, and MS220-24P, numbered 21-24, are combination ports that are shared between the RJ45 ports and the SFP interfaces. Only one of these two ports may be in use at a time. For example, if an ethernet cable is connected to the RJ45 port 24 then the SFP port 24 cannot be used. If both ports are occupied, the RJ45 port will take priority.


Comes here often

Re: Dual Media taking a SFP and copper port

Thank you for the information. I didn't check the datasheet. I will look there next time first! Cheers, 


Mike Anderson

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