Do Meraki switches fallback from Static IP to DHCP


Do Meraki switches fallback from Static IP to DHCP



If a Meraki switch has a static IP address does it fallback to DHCP if it cannot reach the gateway?

I understand that MX and MR devices do, but not sure if Switches also do this.

Kind of a big deal

Yes, but it can take some time (up to 2 hours).

Kind of a big deal

If their static IP is configured in a specific VLAN and their uplink VLAN configuration does not match that VLAN it will take a DHCP address from the VLAN it is receiving.

For example: your static IP is in VLAN 20 and you have set VLAN 20 as native in your uplink port, but the uplink switch/other appliance has a different VLAN as native, then you will receive DHCP from that VLAN instead.

yes they do, to get it quick just restart. Otherwise you have to wait.

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