Cold weather switch

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Cold weather switch

Does Meraki have any cold weather switches? It could get down to zero degrees?

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C or F?


None of the Meraki switches are outdoor rated. But typically they're rated somewhere around 0C - 40C, but check the data sheet for each model to be sure. 


This is from the MS120:



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If you really need outdoor rated gear, Mikrotik has some solid kit. It's part of why WISPs use their equipment so heavily for their outdoor installs in harsh environments.

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Sorry @Montana-Man not at this time.  I have been advocating (ok, really bugging) the product teams (along with several of my colleagues) that we need to develop hardened/ruggedized MS switches and MX appliances, whether it be extended operating temperature ranges, vibration, IP67, etc...  In the meantime, please do make your requirements and use cases known to your local Meraki and/or Meraki Partner teams, so they can capture that and add it into the existing Feature Requests.


Keep fighting the good fight @MerakiDave !

Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal

We need internal advocates on our side! If they think you're bugging them, that sounds like a Them Problem to me. 😉

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