MS220-48LP && NetFlow Analyzer Setup (ManageEngine)

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MS220-48LP && NetFlow Analyzer Setup (ManageEngine)

Hi All,


I am trying to set up ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer to gather data from my MX appliance.


I need the SSH or Telnet credentials for the switch, and I am unable to find an appropriate setting.

Any ideas?








Kind of a big deal

I'm not familiar with NetFlow Analyzer, but Meraki gear doesn't have an SSH or telnet interface (at least not one meant for the public, I think there may be one for Meraki employees).


You can export Netflow from the MX. The configuration of that is at the bottom of your "Reporting" screenshot. The autoconfiguration feature of NetFlow Analyzer is not needed in that case (and it won't work). You just need to be able to configure it as a Netflow Collector. Maybe it's in the Netflow tab instead of the discovery tab.



It is not the tab. The only relevant settings to configure are screenshoted above. The other tab allow me to fine-tune JFLOW behavior.



The only WAY is to set up by SSH/Telnet. 


If this interface is not exposed then MX devices are pretty much garbage in my opinion.




Well I'm afraid I can't help you any further then. The only way to solve your issue would be to figure out how to setup the Netflow Analyzer software as a collector without it requiring to have a hand in the configuration of your devices.


If you live by CLI then Meraki is not the solution for you.

That's a bad way to have your devices in netflow.
Isn't there a manual way to add your nodes in that software and then just get the netflow params right?

The Meraki stuff is cloud managed not locally managed so there is no local way to affect them.  Device discovery can only be done through ping, cdp, lldp and SNMP in this case.

You can use SNMP read community but that's about it.

Building a reputation

If you need netflow, buy traditional Cisco gear, simple as that.  I don't run the MX platform myself but there's no reason to denigrate it as "garbage" just because it doesn't have some advanced feature that you think it should.  The Meraki platform was meant to be simpler to manage, under the assumption that not everyone needs a Catalyst or similar advanced switch/feature set..

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