Cisco Catalyst 9300 & Meraki Management

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Cisco Catalyst 9300 & Meraki Management

In the video it is claimed that Cisco 9300 can be managed & completely configured, (not only only monitored) using Meraki dashboard. Can that be done? Is there documentation to show how it can be done?


By the way, Don't go with Meraki management yet, since this is not yet publicly supported.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

For the common hardware perspective, to migrate the Cisco Catalyst 9300 switch to a Meraki mode, a valid DNA license is required. You can choose between Meraki Enterprise or Advanced license depending upon enabled features during license renewal.

The Cisco Catalyst 916x series APs can be purchased with the appropriate licenses based on the management platform: DNA license for Cisco DNA Center or Meraki license for Meraki mode.

On the visibility/monitoring front: A valid DNA Essentials (for switch visibility) or Advantage license (client visibility) is required to be onboarded into the Meraki dashboard. The device can be managed by other tools such as Cisco Prime, CLI or 3rd party tools.

Customer Use Cases
Cloud Monitoring
Catalyst customers not using Cisco DNA Center as the operational platform: You will be able to gain immediate value with cloud monitoring, providing a view of your network from anywhere, anytime, giving them a low-effort way to experience Meraki Cloud Dashboard.
Customers who are running a hybrid network of Meraki and Catalyst: Benefit by moving their Catalyst hardware into view on the Meraki dashboard with monitoring.
Cloud Management
Customers with network refresh network: Customers who already have Meraki platforms; upon refresh, they can choose to adopt Catalyst into their existing infrastructure (APs and switches)
Current Cisco Catalyst 9300 customers looking to move to cloud operations and the features available in the Meraki Dashboard satisfy their use cases.

Thanks but how exactly do you manage & configure it via Meraki dashboard? What is the process?
I am not interested in monitored but completely managing a greenfield switch from scratch in Meraki dashboard!

There is no documentation, ask Meraki support.

By the way, Don't go with Meraki management yet, since this is not yet publicly supported.

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