Can I create a switch profile without a template?

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Can I create a switch profile without a template?

Is it possible to create a switch profile that I can bind switches to without having to create a template?  I understand that cloning a switch is possible, but I like the switch profile feature and the switch binding.

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Why not just create the template? How do you envision a profile being different that having a switch template?

Can I create a template for switches and not have to include MX devices?  I have 2 networks bound to a template and I recently was asked to create a vlan specific to one of those networks on the MX84 which is where all of our VLANs are defined.  If I create the VLAN for the one network, it'll be created on the other and we don't want that.  I've been asked to change a few settings on the MX84 so I wanted to keep those individually configured and just have a profile for the switches and APs since that one-off VLAN would not be configured on or used by the switches.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The only way to do it nicely would be to automate the process - using a script that you write.  You could give it a switch to apply your automation to as an input parameter.

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