Are MS225 loud fans fixed?


Are MS225 loud fans fixed?

I'm about to purchase 25 of the MS225-48 LP switches for a project and I'm wondering if the loud fan issue has been fixed?  If not I will look at a different model but this current model fits my needs.  


I've asked my Rep but would like inputs from the field.  



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Kind of a big deal

All MS225 units will continue to run the blower fan at a very high level all the time. This will not be changing and in fact was recently increased again in a firmware update. 

Here to help

We purchased a bunch of MS225-FP48 boxes for our LAN replacement project, we put one in a rack in an open office and the noise was crazy. See below below for the levels recorded by our Acoustics team;

Noise levels @ 0.5 m from the switch are all follows:

Front – 63.2 dB LAeq(2 minutes).
Back – 67.2 dB LAeq(2 minutes).

Noise levels from building services in open plan offices should be circa 40 dBA

As you can see the MS-225 is producing nearly 70% above acceptable dB for an open plan office.


we had a real bun fight with our Meraki account managers to get this addressed (took over 2 months) and in the end we paid the additional money to get a MS250-FP48 which is perfect.


My advise, if you are investing now and concerned about the noise level then stay away from the MS225-FP and invest in the MS250-FP switches



@LivintheDream Thanks I will be taking your advice, while most of my stuff is in dedicated server / comms rooms knowing the fans are running faster for a longer period than they were designed for this worries me about future fan failures. 

@BlakeRichardson i'm not sure if the fans running hot are above what they are designed to do or they just use noisy components. You can get devices on a 30 day eval so that may be a good starting point for you perhaps.

Same here as LivintheDream told... I do not think the fans loudness will be fixed. I tested them with a firmware before the increase of the fan-speed. after the firmware-upgrade i replaced my order with MS250. Support told me that not all switches should be that noisy but 8 out of 8 switches were noisy after the firmware upgrade 😞

I have the same problem and I am in discussion with Meraki about the sound of the MS225-48FP switches since we also have MS225-24P switchers and the 24-port ones do not emit such a scandalous sound.

We were discussing the case with Meraki, they indicated that this was due to the update they did at 9.30. The support is lost with this case of the sound of the sources. First they told me that it was a topic with logistics, they told me that the batch I received from equipment with 48 ports was defective, so they made the replacement. I waited almost 3 months and had the client behind my back for a solution to this problem, unfortunately their cabinets have them in offices and the sound creames is annoying, when their previous Cisco Catalyst equipment does not emit that annoying sound.

The equipment arrived and the same sound problem, it was the same, we even updated the version at 9.35, thinking that it would change something, the same sound, I think that from the factory they already come with that source sound, so Meraki will generate the change.

What I get to see in the previous comments of this post, is that they changed to the MS250-48FP series, I can confirm that the sound is not so excessive or that layer 2 model in 48 port meraki does not have as much sound of the sources as in the MS225-48FP

I will be very grateful to your comments.

Kind of a big deal

@Carlos1 Your assessment is correct. The MS225 series includes a single blower style fan which runs at an almost constant (high) speed. All of the MS225 models are quite noisy because of this. There was a manufacturing issue with MS225's last year which caused the fan to prematurely die which led to switches overheating and ultimately failing. This has been resolved now but the loud fan remains. 


The MS250 models have a different cooling setup which is more similar to traditional Catalyst switches (multiple smaller fans). Because of this, they are significantly quieter than the MS225 series and would be your best option to use as an edge switch where noise is a concern. 


Just out of curiosity when were your MS225 purchased?

Hi, we done the deal in July 2017 but got the boxes early September and started to deploy later that month.

Getting noticed

we had 14 units of MS350 that have this issue too.

Luckily Meraki recall the units and we got it replaced 🙂

Not bad Meraki 🙂

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