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100 Mb Fiber SFP


100 Mb Fiber SFP



Has anybody had a requirement for a 100Mb Fiber connection directly to a Meraki switch? Due to the environment where the switch will be installed we cannot also install a fiber converter. Meraki say they don't support 100Mb SFPs but has anyone had this requirement and perhaps got a 3rd party 100Mb SFP to work?

Kind of a big deal

Re: 100 Mb Fiber SFP

Part of the problem is some 100Mb/s SFP's are full duplex and others are half duplex.  They are "baked" in that way.  Because of this they often don't communicate the link state correctly when used in a traditional Gigabit SFP slot.


If you have Meraki kit at both ends check out this compatibility guide and see if their is something else that can use your grade of fibre. 



Re: 100 Mb Fiber SFP

Thanks Philip,


Its a piece of equipment used in an oil field that will be connected to the switch. It sounds like we might be out of luck.

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