What happen to the footage if a camera has been stolen?

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What happen to the footage if a camera has been stolen?

I would like to know if a copy of the footage is saved somewhere else other than the camera it self in case the camera has been stolen?


ei in the cloud or nvr ?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

From my understanding, everything on the camera is encrypted so should be pretty useless to the thief.
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Not by default.  Meraki does offer an add on (license) for this.  More info can be found here




It is an additional cost.

Cloud license will enable uploading footage to the cloud, but this has nothing to do with encrypted content on the camera itself: https://documentation.meraki.com/Architectures_and_Best_Practices/Cisco_Meraki_Best_Practice_Design/...

Coming back (more precisely) to the question: without cloud license, the footage can't be accessed by the thief but can't actually be viewed. 🙂

I want to know the thieft who entered in the room. if a thieft go inside the room and remove the camera. i want to be able to see the last few seconds just before the thieft disconnect the camera. Otherwise it is useless to have those cameras.


How to see if I have that license for the cloud? I see there is 9 licenses for sense. Is it that one?

Unless you have purchased Meraki Cloud Archive 180/90 Day Subscription license (LIC-MV-CA180-5YR, LIC-MV-CA180-3YR, or LIC-MV-CA90-5YR, LIC-MV-CA180-3YR)  you are out of luck.  


Once the camera is stolen the archived footage is also stolen.  (Unless they are foolish enough to plug the camera into a network that has internet access....then you would be able to access the footage). 

Thank you. The camera has not been stolen yet! I just want to prevent.

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If that is a real concern then you probably want to have cameras with overlapping fields of view as well as cloud storage.

Any experience I have had with cameras you usually want to ascertain what happened before and after an 'event' and not just rely upon what a single camera recorded (though the events in our part of the world was usually more than something being stolen.)


I haven't checked recently but I do remember suggesting that it would be an idea to include motion sensors in cameras and have the facility to start uploading recent video (or at least still images) when the camera thinks it is being removed from it's mounting point.

@nicholas2019  It's the combination of suggestions already mentioned that will address your concern.  Using things like motion alerts to get an email of the motion activity for starters, while that can potentially create too many alert emails, but at least you would have them. Some small enhancements coming soon will be able to help you there.


Likewise with MV Cloud Archive, the camera will dual-record to both the camera and to the cloud for 90 or 180 days depending on your license level.  That is a separate license and is different from the "MV Sense" licenses where you get the first 10 for free.  More info on MV Sense here https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/mv-sense/#!overview/overview


In addition, theft of the camera itself is not typically a problem when they are properly mounted, out of reach, and/or somewhat vandal-proof (IK10+ rated) and cannot just be ripped off a wall or ceiling even if they are within reach of a vandal.  Plus, a vandal is not going to steal a camera thinking that they're doing so to hide the evidence.  Even if they DID recognize it was a Meraki camera, and decided to steal it in order to also steal the video evidence, that can be addressed by not only having cloud archive but also additional cameras covering those sensitive areas where camera theft might be a concern.  And one of the earlier answers is also correct about all MV video being encrypted both in transit and at rest on the camera itself.


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@nicholas2019 the ten licenses that come with the cameras are for MV Sense.  It's really slick once you start digging in to APIs and coding!





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Just enable Motion Alert with email, and you'll get nice pictures of them as soon as they power the camera back up.  Plus at that point you'll also be able to export the video of when they took it.


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