Dashboard bug w/ setting wireless profiles?

Kind of a big deal

Dashboard bug w/ setting wireless profiles?

I setup ten MV72 wireless cameras today through the dashboard. I used Chrome with no script blocking extensions. I would set the wireless profile, click save, then cycle to the next camera without going back to the list of cameras. 


A few of the cameras properly pulled a wireless profile and joined with the AP that I had setup, but I had set them up one at a time to get used to the process. When I looked at the cameras I'd cycled to and then set the profile on, they showed no profiles assigned.


I set the profiles again, moving from camera to camera using arrow keys, and same thing: no wireless profile was actually saved. I could only save the profiles if I went from camera list into individual cameras.


Anyone else run into this? I got the job done, but sorting out this bug did take a while.

Meraki Employee

@Nash Awesome detail!


Should open a case with Meraki Support to submit a bug report. 

Kind of a big deal

Absolutely will. Probably a copy paste. This was my first time doing cameras, so I wanted to see if I was doing something odd that others had run into. 🙂

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Had the same issue last week, look at my post here with a potential bug fix for you.

Kind of a big deal

@Priesty Oh interesting! I think we had two separate things though. Mine was solely a problem with the UI on the website. My wireless profiles were just fine. I had a problem getting the UI to save my settings when I cycled through the cameras in a very specific way.


This reminds me, I need to go let support know about the dashboard ish. 🙂

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