Updates to the Meraki Mobile App Beta

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Updates to the Meraki Mobile App Beta

Exciting update today for those of you using the Meraki mobile app! (And if you aren't, I highly encourage you to check it out!) We have a new version of the Meraki mobile app, 4.16.0, now available in public beta. If you haven’t already, sign up for the beta here!

New Features:
  • Dark mode has arrived: choose your side or let your system preference do it for you.
  • Digital zoom: now it’s possible to zoom in and pan to your target of interest when investigating an incident with MV. Just pinch and drag
  • Adjust video playback speed: you can now speed up or slow down footage!
  • Quickly export video on mobile: users with permission can now export and share footage (up to 1 hour long). Past exports can be found in Settings > Exports.
New Camera-Only Admin Features:
  • The Camera grid is here! Swap between list or grid layout from the homepage. Grid layout has thumbnails which helps to find the right camera view.


Camera gridCamera gridExporting videoExporting videoDark modeDark mode


Sign up for the beta here and start using the new mobile app today. We'd love to know what you think. What new features do you want to see next?

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Head in the Cloud

@Saralyn  nice update =D

I've long waited for zoom and dark mode. I love it =D


About the Camera-Only Admin Features:

It would be nice to have this also as a full admin.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This sounds fantastic!

Awesome, the camera grid looks very nice and will extremely useful to our property team as we install more MV cameras. 


Has support for SAML been included in this release? I have nearly 100 end users that have been waiting on this requirement so they can finally have mobile access.

Building a reputation

I have been wishing !!!!   Can we please have De-warping of the camera view of the MV32 in the meraki app.  Have a number of customers waiting this so they can monitor animal cages after operations and need the close up de-warped image.   It is just too hard to do in browser on a phone  needs to be native to the APP    Pinch and Drag would be great  or even better using the accelerometer in the phone.


Also how do you get the grid view is you are more that a Camera-Only Admin.    We use tags on cameras to give access to only certain cameras does grid view view work with tags ?

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